Automatic Identification of Filipino Metaphors using Sentence Transformers and an Automatic Definition Selector
Lorenzo Miguel L. Ocampo, Maria Art Antonette D. Clari˜no

The rise of social media has led to the widespread use of online posts as valuable data for machine learning studies. However, these studies often encounter the challenge of dealing with metaphors embedded in the text, which can introduce inconsistencies in data processing since metaphors are known to change meaning of text. This challenge is even more prominent in high context languages such as Filipino. In response to this issue, multiple novelties were introduced in this study. These novelties are the Filipino metaphor corpus, the Filipino metaphor identifier created that utilizes an automatic definition selector, and finally a modified metaphor counting method in the evaluation.

Published on October 2023, Search Score: 0, [BibTeX]
SalesPal: A Mobile Application for Central Management of Sales on Lazada, Shopify, and Tiktok
Ysabelle Bianca Viray, Fermin Roberto G. Lapitan

SalesPal is a mobile application designed to provide a centralized management platform to sellers who have online business on different e-commerce platforms. This study presents the development, implementation, and evaluation of SalesPal as a solution to the need of managing multiple online businesses. The usability of the application was evaluated by using the System Usability Scale (SUS) questionnaire, which yielded an average SUS score of 81.5 obtained from sellers, indicating a favorable level of usability.

Published on January 2024, Search Score: 0, [BibTeX]
Real-time Face Mask and Face Shield Detection using Haar-cascade Classifiers
Rener James V. Ramirez, Rizza DC. Mercado

The Philippines’ Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases established protocols in accordance with the World Health Organization’s guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Most prominent of these are the different alert levels which mandated the wearing of face masks and face shields, and complying with social distancing. The study used Haar-cascade Classifiers and AdaBoost to create a program that can detect the presence of faces from a webcam video feed. The program trained three classifier models each with their own 24x24 detector window to classify faces that are not wearing a mask, wearing a mask, and wearing a shield. Performance analysis showed that the program can detect the three classifications but can also misidentify non-face objects, with the face, mask, and shield classifiers getting F1 scores of 0.64, 0.7, and 0.83 respectively, suggesting that the data sets used to train the models can be further improved.

Published on December 2023, Search Score: 0, [BibTeX]
JustLooking - A Price Comparison App for E-Commerce Websites Using Web-Scraping
Dan Carlos Gabriel C. Medilla, Fermin Roberto G. Lapitan

With their being a handful of e-commerce websites being home to millions upon millions of product listings it may be difficult to look for a product without second guessing if the transaction that was made was the best one available. this study introduces JustLooking a application that uses allows users to view all product listings from Ebay and Galleon all in one place. The application, with the input given by the user uses web-scrapping to collect relevant product listings from the two e-commerce websites and displays it to the user. The user can click on a listing in the application and it will redirect them to the original listing on their browser. Usability of the application was tested with the help of the System Usability Scale (SUS) and upon testing results show a average SUS score of 85.75 which indicates that the application has an excellent rating in terms of efficiency and usability.

Published on December 2023, Search Score: 0, [BibTeX]
PeakOne: Enabling Remote Access to UPLB ICS Technical Reports
Juan Miguel T. Galvez, Joseph Anthony C. Hermocilla

Conducting research on previous studies have been limited to physical libraries. PeakOne was created to augment the research process by providing a convenient way of accessing resources within the UPLB ICS. The service allows researchers to remotely view research papers that may be relevant to their study and also aid by providing ways to save resources for later viewing and displaying research that they have read before. Current users found the service to be usable and would recommend its use to their peers.

Published on December 2023, Search Score: 0, [BibTeX]
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